Types of Psychic Readings

psychic shopA psychic is a person with a high level of intuition or perception. The senses are heightened and gives the person special mental abilities such as clairvoyance, where the psychic has a vision, or clairsentience, where a feeling is involved.

A psychic reading is an attempt to gather information through a psychic. There are many different ways in which information may come to the psychic. Some psychics use no tools at all and many will specialize in one certain area. Here are some types of psychic readings.


Astrology is the study of celestial objects and their influence on people’s lives. The positions of objects when a person is born can affect personality and future events. Astrology has been studied for thousands of years and by many civilizations.

Aura Readings

An aura is a field of radiation surrounding a person. Some psychics can see this aura and interpret the energy of an aura depending on the colors, shapes, consistency and clarity that are present.


Some psychics use crystal-gazing, also called crystallomancy, to enhance their visions. The psychic will go into a trance and then gaze at a crystal, pool of water or other object that is transparent.


Numerology deals with the connections between numbers and a person’s life. Numerology studies patterns and divines meanings from them. The patterns can be found in names, dates, etc.


Another psychic tool is palm reading. This is the study of the topography of the person’s hand, including lines, mounds, shapes and curves. It can give insights into a person’s character or predict future events.


In this type of psychic reading, the psychic needs to be in physical contact with something that belongs to the person. This is usually something meaningful to the person or one of their favorites. It is believed that the object contains some of the person’s energy which can be felt by the psychic.

Rune Reading

Runes are letters of the alphabet that come from ancient times. They would be tossed on a mat to predict events or to solve problems. They can also be held in a pouch to help guide the person seeking an answer to a problem.

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are also tools for a psychic reading. The psychic will ask the person to shuffle the cards while thinking about their question. Then the psychic will deal the cards and interpret them.