Reasons Why Glucosamine Supplements Are Beneficial For Your Dog’s Health

glucosamine for dogsJust like humans, many dogs suffer from arthritis, specifically as they age. This condition occurs especially when the cartilages (cushioning between bones) starts to thin and wear out allowing the ends of the bones to begin rubbing against each other. Arthritis is caused by diseases, trauma, wear and tear brought about by old age. While arthritis has no confirmed treatment, there are treatments that can reduce the pain and improve your dog’s mobility. Glucosamine is one such treatment. Read on to find how. Continue reading

Reasons Why Pet Owners Should Get Insurance For Their Pets

vet billPet insurance is one of those things that many pet owners think of when acquiring responsibility over their pets. However, today the idea is steadily gaining traction as a wise option for both short term and long term purposes.

Most pet owners often adopt the tactic of opening a savings account to cater for all the medical expenses of their pets. This approach while definitely commendable is not sufficient to ensure that veterinary bills are conveniently taken care of. Here are several of the benefits of having pet insurance. Continue reading