Reasons Why Glucosamine Supplements Are Beneficial For Your Dog’s Health

glucosamine for dogsJust like humans, many dogs suffer from arthritis, specifically as they age. This condition occurs especially when the cartilages (cushioning between bones) starts to thin and wear out allowing the ends of the bones to begin rubbing against each other. Arthritis is caused by diseases, trauma, wear and tear brought about by old age. While arthritis has no confirmed treatment, there are treatments that can reduce the pain and improve your dog’s mobility. Glucosamine is one such treatment. Read on to find how.

So, what is glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a substance that occurs naturally in your dog’s body, especially in the cartilages. Its role is to produce glycosaminoglycan, which enhances the formation and repair of body tissues like the cartilages. Glucosamine is also a naturally occurring compound in the dog’s body, popularly known for its over-the-counter arthritis therapies. It is among the several, naturally occurring nutraceuticals known as chondroprotective agents which are used to treat arthritis in both humans and domestic animals such as dogs and horses among others.

As your dog gets old, the natural production of glucosamine slows down in its body which slows down tissue repair in the dog’s body. This eventually leads to pain in the joints of your dog and stiffness.

Why glucosamine is important in dogs.

Glucosamine is beneficial to your dog’s health in several ways. These include:

  • Enhances the recovery of spinal disc injuries
  • Helps in alleviating joint wear and pain in hip dysplasia cases.
  • Helps to ease recovery from joint related surgeries and treatments
  • Helps to keep the performance of your dog in a peak condition
  • Glucosamine has anti-inflammatory effects which help to reduce the pain your dog might be undergoing
  • Helps repair and restore the health of your dog’s joints thus increasing its mobility
  • Improves the lubrication of your dog’s joints

Glucosamine, MSM (methylsulphynolmethane) and Chondroitin for your dog’s health

Like glucosamine, chondroitin also occurs naturally in the dog’s cartilages which when paired with glucosamine works even better on your dog’s joints. Similarly, MSM is a natural compound of sulphur that is believed to improve the flexibility of the dog’s joints and reduce pain and inflammation.

Signs that shows your dog is responding well to glucosamine

It may take a few days or even weeks to observe some changes of supplementation on your dog. However, once the supplements work, your dog will show the following signs:

  • Being more playful, e.g climbing chairs
  • Going out regularly
  • Less stiffness
  • General happiness

Side Effects

The side effects associated with glucosamine use are very few and with little impact on your dog’s body. These include:

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Allergies

Frequent thirst due to frequent urination. This occurs especially when you give your dog a high dosage


Generally, glucosamine is a safe supplement for your dog’s health. It will help your dog recover from joint pains and improve the quality of its life.

Reasons Why Pet Owners Should Get Insurance For Their Pets

vet billPet insurance is one of those things that many pet owners think of when acquiring responsibility over their pets. However, today the idea is steadily gaining traction as a wise option for both short term and long term purposes.

Most pet owners often adopt the tactic of opening a savings account to cater for all the medical expenses of their pets. This approach while definitely commendable is not sufficient to ensure that veterinary bills are conveniently taken care of. Here are several of the benefits of having pet insurance.


This is the most important reason why pet owners should take insurance on their pets. It serves to help pet owners with the sizeable expenses associated with regular treatment for long term illnesses, pet therapies and complementary medication. Illnesses and accidents are the major issues that afflict pets.

It is considerably easier to set aside a definite amount of money each month to pay pet health insurance than saving in an account for emergencies. The funds in such accounts may not be sufficient for medical expenses in case of emergencies such as surgeries. Many pet surgeries cost several hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

These sums are usually unaffordable for many pet owners. Moreover, most pet insurance plans have routine care coverage. As such, pet owners can have peace of mind that their pet medical bills can be taken care of without resulting in debts.


Pets, especially troublesome dogs can sometimes cause bodily harm to people and other pets. Such incidences occur quite often and make pet owners liable to lawsuits. Compensations from such lawsuits are usually large amounts. In such a situation, it would most definitely pay for a pet owner to have insurance.

This can also occur if the pets damage other people’s property. Paying these huge fees out of their pockets can lead pet owners to financial stress and debts. Most pet insurance plans provide coverage for third party liability where pet owners can make claims to ease the financial burden.


Pet insurance plans also cover the costs of advertising a reward for the return of stolen or lost pets. This can also include the cost of the reward itself if the pet is found or recovered. However, the claims are often up to a set amount.

Additionally, some plans pay the pet owners the price they paid for their pet in case the pet got lost, stolen or died as a result of an illness or injury before an agreed age.


Pet owners may at some point require emergency medical treatment. This means that they are unable to provide the needed care for their pets. Pet insurance can pay the costs associated with other parties looking after the pets on behalf of the pet owners for the duration of the emergency.

Evidently, it is a necessity for every pet owner to have insurance for their beloved pets. Pet insurance plans are varied and a pet owner can choose according to the pet’s need and their budget. It is also important to remember than many policies will have exclusions such as pre-existing conditions.